Catering Promotion

Did you know Santora’s Pizza Pub & Grill offers drop off catering?

Did you know that 85-90% of our caterings do NOT include pizza & wings?

We offer a full drop off catering menu that offers so much more than just pizza & wings.

Our head chef, Chuck Dibello and his staff do a fantastic job at putting together some of the best menu selections to service our valued catering customers!

How do we know?

Our customers tell us how much they have enjoyed our food that we have delivered to their office or home!

Now that you know all about our catering services, we want to tell you about the promotion we are running that will put money in your pocket just by doing one simple thing:  Refer a drop off catering customer!

Refer a customer, family or friend to me that leads to a SOLD drop off catering order of at least $400.00 and you’ll receive $50.00, OR receive $25.00 for an ordered valued at $250.00.

This promotion ends April 15th 2017

*Promotion paid after catering service has been completed*


Contact Tom Mazurowski at 716-481-6189 or with any questions or to book today!