We use our fresh homemade pizza dough pressed out & add our seasoned ricotta cheese, whole milk mozzarella & a perfect blend of spices. Wrap it all inside, brush with our homemade garlic butter & bake it to a golden brown. Served with a side of Santora’s red pasta sauce.



Add Any Pizza Topping

+ 0.99

Steak, Portobello Mushrooms & Roasted Red Peppers

Sirloin steak, marinated portobello mushrooms and fire roasted red peppers 11.89

Artichokes, Sundried Tomatoes & Black Olives

Marinated artichoke, California sun dried tomatoes and sliced black olives 10.29

Philly Steak

Sirloin steak topped with our sautéed pepper and onion mix 11.39

Bacon Cheeseburger

We use our high quality sirloin burger, add a perfect amount of bacon and top with 100% cheddar cheese 10.89

Angry Santora

Sriracha sauce, pepper jack cheese, sautéed jalapeños, habaneros & caramelized onions 11.29