Specialty Subs

Buffalo’s Best Burger

Santora’s burgers are fresh ground 1⁄2 pound sirloin served on a grilled hard roll, with fries or loaded potato salad.

Classic Burger

Fresh ground half pound sirloin burger with lettuce, tomato, red onion & mayo 9.89 | add bacon + 1.99

Classic Cheeseburger

Cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion and mayo 10.19 | add bacon + 1.99

Classic “One” Burger

Two half pound stacked burgers, lettuce, tomato, red onion and mayo 16.99 | add cheese + 1.99

Bleu & Gold Burger

Grilled mushrooms, caramelized onions, yellow pepper and bacon all topped with crumbly bleu cheese 10.89

Angry Santora Burger

Sriracha sauce, pepper jack cheese, sautéed jalapeños, habaneros and caramelized onions 11.39

Southwest Rodeo Burger

Spicy BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, bacon and hand battered onion rings 11.89

Sonoma Burger

Goat cheese, grilled mushrooms, tomato and red onion, mesclun lettuce and basil mayo 11.59

New! Smoke BBQ Burger

Half pound burger, slow roasted pulled pork, red onion, smoky BBQ, Cajun mayo, topped with our cole slaw 12.29

Salmon Burger

Our own house made salmon burger, arugula, red onion and lemon basil mayo 12.59

The UB Bull – 2 Pounder

FOUR half pound burgers piled high, topped with straight cut french fries, loads of cheddar cheese, bacon, scallions and sour cream 28.99

Great Things Between Bread

All sandwiches served with house-made chips | add Fries + 2.59

Steak & Dandelions

Top grade sirloin steak, seasoned grilled dandelions and mozzarella cheese served on a toasted garlic baguette roll 11.59

Roasted Turkey Panini

All natural turkey breast, cream cheese, whole berry cranberry sauce, ground black pepper and italian seasonings served on honey multigrain bread 10.59

Grilled Italian Hero

Prosciutto, capicola, italian salami, mesclun mix, pepperoncini, seasoned olive oil and provolone cheese on a grilled baguette 10.59

Grilled Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Chopped grilled chicken mixed together with our medium wing sauce, then topped with chopped celery and crumbly bleu cheese on a garlic grilled hard roll 10.59

Roast Beef

Fresh beef, seasoned, cooked in house, sliced thin with a fennel au jus. Served on a garlic grilled hard or kimmelweck roll with a side of grilled peppers and onions 9.89

BBQ Grilled Chicken

Topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, crispy onion stack, lettuce and tomato, served on a grilled garlic hard roll with honey mustard, horseradish aioli 10.89

Meatball Sandwich

Ricotta, meatball, red sauce and mozzarella cheese, on a garlic grilled hard roll 10.29

Steak & Stuffed Pepper

Steak and our stuffed cheese hot pepper, with lettuce and hot sauce, on a garlic grilled hard roll 11.59

Open-Faced Pulled Pork

Slice of grilled wheat berry bread, slow roasted seasoned pulled pork, red onion, melted cheddar cheese, topped with balsamic vinaigrette tossed spring mix 10.29

**All grilled chicken is soaked in an Italian BBQ Marinade**

Choose: Plain, Whole Wheat, Jalapeño Cheddar, or Herb Garlic | Add Fries + 2.59

Turkey Wrap

With lettuce, tomato, onion & swiss american cheese 9.19

Grilled Chicken Wrap

With lettuce, tomato, onion & swiss american cheese 9.89

Greek w/Grilled Chicken Wrap

Mixed field greens, tomato, onion, black olives, feta cheese & grilled chicken (with greek dressing) 10.59

Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap

Romaine lettuce, served with fresh romano cheese, mozzarella cheese, Caesar dressing & grilled chicken 9.49

Fish Wrap (Fried or broiled)

Beer battered or broiled cod, shredded lettuce, tomato, american cheese, tartar sauce & coleslaw 10.59

Beef Taco Wrap

Warm soft flour tortilla shell, served with ground beef, lettuce, tomato & cheddar cheese 8.49 | add sour cream +0.89


Grilled chicken, grilled peppers and onions, wild rice, scallions, hot sauce, mozzarella and cheddar cheese in a 12 ̋ shell, topped with garlic butter, more cheese and baked. Finished with lettuce, chopped tomato, and scallions.
Served with sour cream 13.29

**All grilled chicken is soaked in an Italian BBQ Marinade**

Your choice of wraps, topped with our garlic butter and grilled in a panini press | Add Fries + 2.59

Grilled Veggie

Tomato, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms & onions grilled together in a garlic olive oil then topped with provolone cheese & basil mayo 9.59

Pesto Grilled Chicken

Our homemade basil pesto, grilled chicken, artichoke hearts, seasoned spinach & provolone cheese 10.19

Grilled Chicken Pepper & Onion Burrito

Marinated grilled chicken, mixed together with grilled peppers & onions, BBQ sauce & cheddar cheese 9.79

Steak or Chicken & Spinach

Choose thin sliced rib eye steak OR grilled chicken with seasoned spinach grilled together with mozzarella cheese & garlic butter 9.89

Steak or Chicken w/Portobello Mushrooms & Roasted Red Peppers

Choose thin sliced rib eye steak OR grilled chicken with portobello mushrooms, roasted red peppers grilled together with garlic sauce & mozzarella cheese 10.39

Buffalo Chicken

Grilled boneless medium wings, lettuce, tomato, hot sauce & bleu cheese 10.09

**All grilled chicken is soaked in an Italian BBQ Marinade**