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Everyday From 10 am – 3 pm

Soup, Salad & Sandwich Combos 9.29

Choose any 2 from the Soup, Salad* or Great Things Between Bread sections (one selection per group, *salad excludes meat topping)
Includes a lunch size salad & a 1⁄2 of sandwich (french fries may be substituted for a selection)

Lunch Size Pasta & Soup or Salad 9.99

Choose a Pasta with a Soup OR Salad (pasta trio not available with lunch special)
Add 1.50 for these Pasta choices—Chicken Parm, Buffalo Pasta, Rigatoni w/Artichokes, Fettuccini w/Sirloin, Pasta Bake, Chicken Florentine

Pizza, Salad, Knot Combo 8.99

8″ pizza with 2 toppings, small garden salad and 4 knots


$1 Off any burger


$3 Off build your own pasta


$2 Off any large cheese pizza


$1 Off Any Calzone