Bourbon, Scotch, and Whiskey Cocktails

Santora’s Old Fashioned

Selected rye whiskey/bourbon, sugar cube, angostura bitters, orange bitters, decanter bitters & splash soda muddled, stirred & let sit, strained into a rocks glass over large cube, served with a black cherry. Orange & lemon Peel

Bourbon Fresh Sour

Selected bourbon, sour mix, water & agave nectar, shake with ice, served in a rocks glass over large cube, cherry and a lime

Gentleman’s Agreement

Selected bourbon/whiskey, cointreau & dry vermouth, shake with ice, served in a rocks glass over large cube, orange peel

Whiskey on the Beach

Selected whiskey/bourbon, pineapple juice, & orange juice, topped with cranberry juice. served in a collins glass over ice. Orange and a cherry

Perfect Manhattan

Selected rye whiskey/bourbon, dry vermouth, sweet vermouth & angostura bitters. Shaken with ice. Strain into rocks glass over large cube. Black cherry, lemon peel.

The Club Mule

Selected bourbon/whiskey, sour mix & angostura bitters, over ice in a collins glass, topped with ginger beer, Lime

Cherry Manhattan

Selected rye whiskey/bourbon, cherry heering, sweet vermouth, angostura bitters. Added to a shaker with ice, shake & strained into a martini glass with a black cherry

Paper Plane

Your rye whiskey/bourbon, Aperol, Amero Montenegro, fresh lemon juice, served over ice in a coupe glass & lemon peel